Instant Download - Magic That Points To The Upward Life

Instant Download - Magic That Points To The Upward Life
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Here is the third book in Rev. Jim Dracups gospel magic trilogy! The first two books, "Magic With An Upward Look" and "Magic That Gives An Upward Lift" have proven to be best-sellers. All the books in this three-book series are loaded with practical and audience- tested material. Each book contains so much material that you are sure to find an application for tricks you already own. (You will also find applications so perfect that you will convince yourself to buy the corresponding effect!) All of this stems from Jim Dracups extensive backgrounds in both gospel work and magic. Both have been his lifes work and these three books are the combined collection and culmination of that work.

"Magic That Points To The Upward Life" carries on this tradition beautifully. One of the early chapters deals with the oft-asked question: "Why Magic?" (in regards to the teaching of gospel truths). Here you will find a logical and well documented statement of the authors beliefs wherein the gospel and magic are used to support each others positions. This is followed by an extensive section on advertising and promotion. A section that is jam-packed with actual examples of business cards, handbills, letterheads, brochures, give-aways, novelties, etc. These should stimulate your own creativity and spur on your enthusiasm.

The next large section is titled: "Magic In The Making" and it deals with constructing some of your own equipment. To aid you in this undertaking, there are numerous blueprints and illustrations for the following effects: A Magic Black Art Table, A Block- Frame-Ribbon Trick, Candle From Pocket, Magnetic Milk, Chinese Rice Canister, Confetti To Candy, A Crystal Casket, Wrist Stock Escape, and more. This section is filled with useful hints and tips for the do-it-yourselfer!

The final selections of the book are devoted to what Jim Dracup has become famous for ... magical presentations and applications for standard magic effects. Look at these effects: Acrobatic Cane, Cane to Silk, Candle to Silk, Flame of Kan-Del, Multiplying Candles, Visible Candle to Salt, Berland Bill in Lemon, Coin Pail & Miser?s Dream, Diminishing Bills, Pencil Thru Nickel, Visible Coins in Glass, The Black Hand Gag, Breakaway Fan, Comedy Cut & Restored Necktie, Comedy Bang Gun, Expose Vanish, Fountain of Silks, Garden of Flowers, Gloves to Bouquet, Blendo, Crystal Silk Cylinder, Soft Soap, Tri-Fly Silk, 20th Century Silks, and a complete section dealing with Holiday Christmas Magic utilizing: Multiplying Candles, Drawer Box, Genii Tube, Traveling Block, Cabinet of Foo, Square Circle, Dove Pan, Crystal Silk Cylinder, Appearing Candle, Key-R-Rect, and Abbott?s Blooming Bouquet. This 158-page, spiral bound book is (like all the Dracup books) loaded with colorful and humorous illustrations. Highly recommended!