Instant Download - Eddie Joseph on Cups and Balls

Instant Download - Eddie Joseph on Cups and Balls
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Now Available as a PDF via instant download once your card is run (usually well within 24 hours). Paypal works best since it is the quickest payment and usually instant. If you have questions or problem email us at

Here’s great news for all close-up magicians! A new, combined edition of all the Eddie Joseph books on Cups and Balls is now available! This book contains the complete texts of:

“A Practical Lesson in Cups and Balls”
“Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls”
“Last Word on Cups and Balls”
“My Favorite Routine with Cups and Balls”.

Four great books on one classic subject in one great volume! It contains all the material and all the illustrations of the four older books, but in an edited and slightly abridged form. Also, the material has been re-formatted so that all the moves and sleights are on one section, all the novelty effects and special apparatus cups are in another section and all the routines are together in the final section. What will you receive? Over sixty sleights, moves and subtleties. Nearly fifty unique and novel mechanical effects with special cups, etc. Fifteen separate professional and commercial routines, including the justly famous routine that Eddie Joseph called “His Favorite”. If you have never attempted this classic effect before, this book will make you an expert. If you are not satisfied with your present routine ... you will find the answer and the solution to your problems in this volume. A fitting tribute to a man acknowledged the world over as a master in the field of cups and balls.