Instant Download - Best of Senator Crandall

Instant Download - Best of Senator Crandall
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Compiled and edited by Neil Foster. Illustrated by Sid Lorraine with an introduction by Robert Lund who says, “in his field, as the professional dissenter and commentator on the foibles of magicians, he is the most original entertaining writer on conjuring today.” He was talking about Clarke “The Senator” Crandall and his book contains the following chapters:

It’s A Mystery To Me; Let Him Who Is Without Sin, Panties, Falsies and Lolly-pops; The Egg and I ; Criticism Should Be A Reward; ... And With Much Magician’s Convention Pox; A Whisk Broom In Muncie, Indiana; Dear “Senator”; The “Senator’s” Christmas Story; New Year’s Resolution’ ... The Floor Had Just Been Waxed; The World’s Largest Dove Cote; The Next Time You Wave A Painted Stick; An Open Letter To Monk Watson; The “Mad Hatter” of Magic; All The World Is Waiting For The Stuff; ... Before The Spectator Does; The Morrison Hotel; The Inveterate :Put-er Off-er”; What Flash Paper? The Reaction Was Tremendous; Funny Ha Ha and Funny Peculiar; She Sleeps In My Bedroom; Motor Trip Through Florida; They Learn Quicker; Long Live The Great Blackstone; Letters, Cards, Books, etc., etc.; I Liked Him For It; Gaily Decorated Coffee Cans; Abbott’s 30th Annual Get-Together; Compost Hit The Fan; The “Senators” Overstuffed Notebook; When Heaven Doesn’t Want You; I May Not Be So Lucky; I Was Asleep; The Angels Must Be Laughing; I Thought You Worked That Way!; ... To Admire His Work; Little Informative Fillers; I Sometimes Talk “Terrible” To People; Handy Home Pharmacopeia; Don’t Forget to Feed The Birds; Turned The Windmill of The Old Moulin Rouge; A Royal Flush; Dr. Little Beaver & Goldie; A Drip, No Splatter, No Fuss Or Muss; Snifter, Sip, Swig, Snort, Guzzle, Swallow, Gulp, Belt, Blast; Funny Men Aren’t Supposed To Be Sad; Conclusion.