Instant Download - Bag O Trix

Instant Download - Bag O Trix
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Now Available as a PDF via instant download once your card is run (usually well within 24 hours). Paypal works best since it is the quickest payment and usually instant. If you have questions or problem email us at

Someone once commented that "If you want to hide a magic secret, put it in a book or magazine!" There is probably some truth to that statement, as there is "buried treasure" on each and every page of this new work. Tricks, ideas, gags, presentations, suggestions and routines from a full complement of magical authors. "BAG-O-TRIX" is a collection. It contains the complete texts of many books previously issued separately. Some of these volumes are (and have been) Out Of Print. Some others are in short supply. None will be reprinted as a separate item again. This massive (330+ pages) E-book will be the only source for some of the world's greatest magic. Just look at what you will receive in this collection:

  • "Bigger And Better Magic" by William Harry Montgomery
  • "Gags-Gadgets & Gimmicks" by Alvin Richard Plough
  • "Magical Ramblings Of An Idle Mind" by Opie R. Houston
  • "Modern Miracles In Magic" by Richard W. G. Van Ray
  • "50 Ways To Produce A Silk" by U. F. Grant
  • "Magical Presentations" by Dominic Dimelow
  • "Magic Ala Carte" by Ravel and Andree
  • "21 Gems Of Magic" by Ormond McGill
  • "Tricks With Magnets" by U. F. Grant
  • "Sympathetic Silks" by Percy Abbott
  • "Gimac" by Walter A. Schwartz
  • "Paper Magic" by Percy Abbott
  • "Live Magic" by W. O. Turner
  • "Top Twenty" by Tom Sellers
  • "Flash Magic" by U. F. Grant
  • "Tricks With Hair" by U. F. Grant
  • "100 Tips & Gags" by Grant/Abbott
  • "The Magic 36" by William S. Houghton
  • "Ninety-Nine Tips & Gags" by Abbott/Grant
  • "Tips On Bill In Cigarette" by Stuart Robson
  • "Party Trix Ala Carte" by Howard P. Albright
  • "12 Stunts With A Magic Mummy" by Eddie Joseph
  • "Handkerchief Ball Manipulation" by Percy Abbott
  • "12 Methods/Cut & Restored Tie" by Frank Herman

  • In this super collection you will find tricks with: playing cards, rope, silk handkerchiefs, livestock effects, newspapers, flowers, Playboy magazines, balls, thimbles, etc. You will find mental magic, spirit effects, platform and stage magic. There is an assortment here which will delight the children's entertainer, those who present a general magic program and also material for the suave, sophisticated performer. If you are looking for something new (or for something old that you haven't discovered yet), look no further than "BAG-O-TRIX!"

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