Instant Download - Anthology of Card Magic

Instant Download - Anthology of Card Magic
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Now Available as a PDF via instant download once your card is run (usually well within 24 hours). Paypal works best since it is the quickest payment (and Instant). If you have questions or problem email us at

Ever since the Abbott Magic Company started in business, hundreds of card tricks have appeared in their different catalogs. As each new catalog was published many of these tricks were omitted to make room for newer ones ... but like good books, great music and fine art, these effects of card magic still remain classics. Gordon Miller, who has been a member of the Abbott staff for over thirty years, delved into the archives and has compiled over three hundred of these effects into this new collection. Almost all of these effects were priced from one dollar and up in the old catalogs. If purchased separately they would have cost hundreds of dollars.

Did you know...Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic contains the COMPLETE TEXT of the following CURRENT Abbott Catalog titles: Advanced Card Magic, 49 Easy Card Tricks, Deceptions With a Short Card, Hit the Deck, How It?s Done, Impromptu Card Routine, Jumbo Card Tricks, Magic Card System and Tricks With a One-Way Deck.

Plus... The COMPLETE TEXT of these out-of-print and otherwise unobtainable titles: Amazing Card Miracles, Card System Deluxe and Klever Kard Kodes.

Plus... the COMPLETE TEXT of the following Abbott Catalog effects: Abbott's Ten, Astral Diviner, Blankety-Blank Routine, Cardtration, Color I-Do-As-U, Gambler's Expose Act, Ingenio, It's A Pip, Lesson in Card Magic, Quadruple Poker Deal, Simplex Four Aces, Straight Gambler, Think-It, Tricky Deal, Zen's Card Miracle and Zens Fifteen Card Trick.

Among the fifty card experts whose effects appear in this anthology are: Percy Abbott, Ted Annemann, Dr. Jacob Daley, U.F. "Gen" Grant, Bob Hummer, Stewart James, Charles T. Jordan, Eddie Joseph, Joe Karson, Edward Marlo, John Scarne, H. Adrian Smith, Si Stebbins, Michael F. Zens, etc.

Abbott's Anthology of Card Magic is separated into seven chapters: Unique Card Magic, Tricks With Special Cards, Gambling With Magic, Clever Card Conjuring, Tricks With Pre-Arranged Decks, Novel Card Magic and Mental Card Magic.