Instant Download - Abbott Book of Escapes

Instant Download - Abbott Book of Escapes
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Now Available as a PDF via instant download once your card is run (usually well within 24 hours). Paypal works best since it is the quickest payment. If you have questions or problem email us at

This book of more than fifty-four pages fulfills a long-felt need for the magician and escape artist. Its profusely illustrated pages form a complete compendium of the best in escapes. It fully describes how to build box, bag and chain effects. The contents also include: Rod Ties, Mail Bar & Bag, Strait Jacket, Sack Escapes, Handcuff Dive, Underwater Escapes, Rope Ties & Releases, Chain Acts, Coffin Escapes, How to Open Padlocks, Wrist Ties and Challenge Acts. This work, by Abbott and Kroeger, is the most complete book on the subject ever published.