Incredible Block Penetration Stage Size

Incredible Block Penetration Stage Size
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  • Item #: 17741
  • Manufacturer: Robbins
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Price $60.00
Please note the demo below is the regular 2.5" block, this is the 4" version for stage

Incredible Block Penetration (Funtime Magic) $60 — This is an incredible visual penetration of a solid six-sided block through two examined metal plates. Performer displays a large square wooden tube with three cut out holes on front and back, enabling the audience to see there is nothing concealed in the tube.

A large square die (approximately 4 inches on all sides) is displayed. The die is a solid one, and all six sides may be tapped with a wand to establish its solid nature. Two examined metal plates are now introduced through two slots on the sides of the tube, dividing this into three compartments. The metal plates project on both sides of the cylinder and fill the entire inside.

The die is dropped into the top of the tube. It rests on top of the upper metal plate, in the upper third of the tube, and is clearly visible through the large cut outs on front and back. The magician claims he will cause the die to penetrate the metal plate, just like a ghost walking through a wall. He strokes the sides of the tube, and visibly the die penetrates through the plate, to the middle third of the tube. Again, this is clearly visible through the large cut outs on the front and back of tube, and the die is now seen resting on the lower plate. The upper plate is immediately removed and handed out for examination. It is a solid metal plate, with no trap doors or holes.

This is now repeated with the die penetrating through the second plate, to the lower third of the tube. The second plate is now handed over for examination. Finally, the tube is lifted off the base, and the die resting on the base is shown to be solid, and the tube seen to be clearly empty.

Easy to do with the special props supplied. Complete in all respects, this is a large stage model.