Gently Used Vanishing Coke Can (Bazar de Magia)

Gently Used Vanishing Coke Can (Bazar de Magia)
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  • Item #: gunancok
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $30.00
Vanishing Coke Can (Bazar de Magia) $30 – The most visible and clean vanishing of a can of Coke. The last shot of a Coke can is poured into a glass. An empty tube is shown. The can is introduced into the tube and immediately when blowing inside the tube a handkerchief appears from the other end. The tube is displayed totally empty now. The can has disappeared! This is in very good condition; however, the gimmicked lid needs a minor repair. It appears that hot glue was used to connect the lid with a plastic cup, and over time, the plastic cup has separated from the lid. Includes all of the necessary props: silk, tube, can, and gimmicked lid; plus original packaging and instructions.