Gently Used Vanishing Bowl of Water

Gently Used Vanishing Bowl of Water
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  • Item #: guvanbowater
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $125.00
Vanishing Bowl of Water $125 – The performer exhibits a beautiful metal bowl then exhibits a pitcher full of water, (not a milk pitcher; not supplied). The bowl is filled with water (and it really is), then it is placed on an attractive tray. The tray and bowl are covered by a black foulard. The bowl is removed from the tray under cover of the foulard, the outline of the bowl can clearly be seen beneath the foulard. The performer carries the covered bowl to the footlights, without any false moves the foulard is tossed into the air. The bowl of water has vanished! This is the ideal prop for the performer who uses an assistant. Easy to do, this is one very big effect that will leave them talking. Not certain of manufacturer (possibly Morrissey?), but very sturdily manufactured in steel with a red painted lacquer finish. The bowl is about 8 inches in diameter. The diameter of the tray is about 12 inches. Overall height of complete outfit is about 4 inches. Like new, supplied complete with bowl, tray, and foulard; however, no instructions.