Gently Used The Raven (Chazpro Magic)

Gently Used The Raven (Chazpro Magic)
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  • Item #: gufrace
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $35.00
Simply wave your hand … With The RAVEN you can make coins and other items appear and vanish in a very visual way. One effect: show your hands empty, wave one over the other and a coin appears. Place this coin on a spectator’s hand, show your hands front and back, then wave a hand over the spectator’s and the coin visually vanishes! You are clean at the finish. It looks like real magic! Effects can take place in your hand, or your spectator’s hand, on a table top, just about anywhere. You can use your RAVEN while wearing a coat, short- or long-sleeved shirt, even a tee shirt! Includes effects with dollar bills, cigarettes, matchbooks, coins and more. No sleights. RAVEN magic is as easy as waving your hand! Show your hands empty … and the coin vanishes! Everyone is raving about the Raven! Like new; appears unused.