Gently Used The Magic Shop, Magic-Themed Artwork

Gently Used The Magic Shop, Magic-Themed Artwork
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Price $595.00

An incredibly detailed shadow box-framed 3-D art by Folk Doll Artist Paul Gordon. As described on the accompanying artist note card, "Watch me pull a rabbit out of the hat. The crow's head is sculpted paper mache with German glass eyes. He is dressed in antique linen, wool, and embroidered silk with vintage buttons and trim. His hat is vintage velvet and trim. He holds a paper mache and cotton batting bunny. The antique frame is made with a hand-painted surround and decorated with miniature cards." This is a homemade one-of-a-kind doll and signed by the artist. The magical rabbit-in-a-hat vignette explodes through the framework (with antique playing cards flying all around) under the whimsically-designed "Magic Shop" title. This is an amazing centerpiece for a magic collector's display space.