Gently Used Texan Playing Cards (US Playing Card Company)

Gently Used Texan Playing Cards (US Playing Card Company)
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  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $20.00
Texan Playing Cards (US Playing Card Company) $20 – This great little deck is made to look like an authentic “Texan” deck from the wild west. The cards are tinted a yellow color, the pips and card faces have an antique design, and the backs have a “lone star” emblem to make them look as though they had been pulled directly out of a nineteenth century, El Paso saloon. The original version of this deck was printed by Russell, Morgan & Co. in 1889. To this day, it's known for the iconic Cowboy Jokers and Lone Star state imagery. Gamblers, magicians, and cardists—all the way to collectors—appreciate this classic brand of USPCC playing cards. These cards are poker sized, red, plastic coated, and come with an air-cushion finish for smoothness and longevity. These Texan 45 decks come cellophaned and have two jokers. All cards in the deck feature small indices for the authentic antique look. Over the years, the Texan 45 playing cards have come in and out of production. As of right now, they are no longer made by USPCC. Consider that these are a relic from the past, so enjoy this homage deck while you can. You never know when they will be gone for good. First come, first serve. Brand new, old stock, sealed in the card case; however, the deck case shows signs of possible crushing. The condition of the cards is unknown; however, it appears that the potential damage was limited to the card case (see pics).