Gently Used Strat-O-Spheres (MAK Magic)

Gently Used Strat-O-Spheres (MAK Magic)
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  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $60.00
Sale Price $45.00
Strat-O-Spheres (MAK Magic) $60 – This classic UF Grant magic transposition effect has seen quite a few performances. It has a few dings and has been re-painted. And one of the original red balls has been replaced by a similar, but not the same, plastic red ball—it is a little lighter in weight and slightly smaller in size—however, the differences are unlikely noticeable at a performance distance. Though highly workable and in good condition, you might consider this vintage model for replacement parts (this is likely an original 1960s model), or as a display piece on your collector’s shelf. This vintage Strat-O-Spheres is offered AS IS, plus we’ll supply a set of instructions