Gently Used Silks in Net Tube (Tricks Co., Ltd.)

Gently Used Silks in Net Tube (Tricks Co., Ltd.)
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Price $50.00
Sale Price $45.00
Silks in Net Tube (Tricks Co., Ltd.) $50 – Three brightly colored silks are placed in a mesh tube, so they are clearly visible through the net at all times. The tube is tossed into the air and caught, and when the silks are removed, they have transformed into a feather plume in the same colors. Easy to do, and comes with three silks, net tube, and feather plume. Like new, and likely unused, except that the yellow silk appears faded. No instructions; however, the handling is very easy to figure out. This vintage trick comes in the original Tricks Co., Ltd. (Japan, invented by Yutaka Kikuchi) red-box-with-black-lid packaging, labeled “Silks in Net Tube (SM-48).” A great performance effect, but even better for the collector’s shelf.