Gently Used Serpent Silk with Reel

Gently Used Serpent Silk with Reel
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Price $75.00
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Serpent Silk with Reel $95 – A serpent silk streamer, nearly three feet long, is displayed and a knot is tied in its center. Performer holds the streamer at one end and commands it to untie itself. The lower tip moves upward and in a slow, snake-like fashion, passes through the loop and unties the knot!

A classic from the golden days of magic. A visual effect seen easily from the stage. If you can tie a knot in a silk, you can perform this effect! This was one of Jay Marshall’s favorite MC effects. You will love it too, as it gets an excellent audience reaction. Includes serpent silk and a super-smooth, small, metal utility reel. Excellent condition; no instructions.