Gently Used See Thru Net Bag (Klamm Magic)

Gently Used See Thru Net Bag (Klamm Magic)
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  • Item #: guseethnetbag
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $45.00
See Thru Net Bag (Klamm Magic) $45 – You can use this special vintage bag to perform several ball effects, like: vanishing billiard ball, production of balls from thin-air, coloring changing ball, and many more. Eggs can also be used, although this is not a standard egg bag. Any type of small item with some weight, and with a smooth surface, can be used. The bag is beautifully constructed and the red material used on the back side is flashy and attractive. We are including two golf balls—one standard white and one orange—to use for a color changing ball routine. Like new and appears unused, with original instructions.