Gently Used Oracle Pad v2.0 (Feather Touch Magic)

Gently Used Oracle Pad v2.0 (Feather Touch Magic)
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Price $95.00
Gently Used Oracle Pad v2.0 (Feather Touch Magic) $95 — Imagine what in the past wasn’t imaginable in the world of magic and mentalism! Our friends at Feather Touch Magic in Japan have provided just that and we are very excited to be able to offer this product exclusively in Scandianvia. This apparatus is a way for you to have a person (or persons) think of any 2,3, or 4 digit number, shape (like a circle, square, triangle or rectangle) – or even a persons name! You ask that person(s) to concentrate mentally on their selected impression. You open up a high quality note pad (not something cheap but made of high quality leather) and you begin to write – then you close the pad firmly. You then ask the the spectator(s) (if more then one was involved in creating a 3 digit number) what their impression was. They verbalize the number they chose was 2520! A totally impromptu number thought up either individually or in a group. What happens next is the equivilent of one of the most powerful effects that demonstrates real psychic powers! You open the note pad, to clearly show the number that is featured on that pad to be 2520! As an additional “kicker” you tear off that sheet and hand it to the spectator(s) as a momento to this truly remarkable feature of psychic ability. What you have is a marriage of an uncanny effect coupled with professional quality that a top executive would expect in terms of materials and constructions. Like new.

Please notice:
No swami gimmick (nothing attached to hand).
Never touch the writing surface after predicted (shut the pad’s cover).
Written prediction always face to spectator after pad’s cover shut.
Very fair and clean prediction!