Gently Used Milk Wonder Perfect (Herbert von der Linden)

Gently Used Milk Wonder Perfect (Herbert von der Linden)
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Price $30.00
Sale Price $20.00
Milk Wonder Perfect (Herbert von der Linden) $30 – Here it is, Herbert von der Linden's MILK WONDER PERFECT, the best milk glass ever! Works automatically and is always ready. Requires no preparation. The clear glass is made from high quality plastic, has a height of 5.5 inches and top diameter of 3.5 inches. Visible on the main stage.

You show the large glass filled with milk. Pour some of the milk into a bag or in a fist. Next, the milk disappears without a trace, but could reappear in the glass again. Or, after every trick, the presenter can take a sip of the milk and have it refilled again and again. With MILK WONDER PERFECT you will receive a professional prop cup and instruction manual. So have fun with it and the audience will enjoy it.

Includes gimmicked milk glass, instructions, and original box; however, the “milk” has evaporated from the glass. The gimmicked portion appears to be cracked (hence, the lost milk?), and the glass needs to be re-filled. Other than that, this one looks very good, and would be a nice addition for a collector’s display shelf. Made in Germany.