Gently Used Krazy Knot (Pavel Magic)

Gently Used Krazy Knot (Pavel Magic)
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Price $40.00
Krazy Knot (Pavel Magic) $40 – A knot is tied in the middle of a piece of rope. Then another knot is tied above the first one, encore another and another, until a large bundle of some 10 knots is formed in the center of the practically used up length of rope. Holding an end of the rope in each hand, the performer blows on it. What a surprise to see the bunch of knots to detach itself from the rope and fall free. Just a small piece of rope remains in the performer’s hands. Includes two rope-thru-neck routines that can be easily combined and performed, using the same rope, prior to the Krazy Knot effect. Like new, in original packaging, with original Pavel instructions.