Gently Used Hippity Hop Santas

Gently Used Hippity Hop Santas
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Price $10,000.00
SOLD OUT Gently Used Hippity Hop Santas $495 – One Santa is dressed in a yellow costume, and the other Santa is dressed in blue. These two Santas change places within their respective chimney several times and just when the audience thinks they know how it's done ... the chimneys are raised and the Santas are seen in the traditional red and white costumes! Figures are over 16 inches tall. A quality outfit! This vintage set is in very good condition; a few minor bumps and scars in the paint job, but a great looking and working effect. The Santa variation of the Hippity Hop Rabbits is no longer produced, so finding a set is becoming more and more difficult. Grab this set before it disappears! Be ready for the upcoming holiday season with terrific magic that highlights Santa!