Gently Used Half & 20 Centavo (Johnson Products)

Gently Used Half & 20 Centavo (Johnson Products)
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  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $35.00
Sale Price $30.00
Half & 20 Centavo (Johnson Products) $35 – The Half & 20 Centavo (for as it is often called, Scotch & Soda) is an extremely deceptive coin with many uses. This is the Johnson Products version of the effect where an American half-dollar and a Mexican 20 centavo piece are openly placed in the spectator's hand. With hands behind their back, one coin is put in each hand. The half-dollar is requested by the performer and returned. When the performer asks for the 20 centavo, the spectator is unable to hand it back … because they are now holding an American quarter! This is a classic piece of magic in Johnson Products quality and it happens in their own hands. One of the best tricks that is entirely self-working. We’ll even throw in a US quarter that you’ll need for this trick! Like new, with original instructions.