Gently Used Double Augury (Bill Pryor)

Gently Used Double Augury (Bill Pryor)
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Price $20.00
Double Augury (Bill Pryor) $20 – Named and routined by Ken DeCourcy. This is an easy infallible 2-way prediction that can be worked anywhere. An envelope is given to the spectator and two sets of cards are shown. Cards are duplicates, each four of a kind, each set is numbered on the back. From one packet a card is selected and from the other a number is selected. These are turned over revealing another card and number. The spectator removes the card from the envelope. Inside he finds a card, the face of the card which is the chosen one. The back of the card is blank except for a number, the actual number chosen by the spectator. You can do it again! Yes, when you repeat the effect the result is different. A most ingenious trick and one you will enjoy performing because of its double-barreled climax! Complete with a card case to carry in your pocket. Very good condition, with original instructions.