Gently Used Creative Finance! (Dean Tellefson)

Gently Used Creative Finance! (Dean Tellefson)
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  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $35.00
Gently Used Creative Finance! (Dean Tellefson) $35 — The magician tells the story of a trip to the magic shop, illustrated with the jumbo bills (7 x 16 inches!). In the shop, a money trick catches his eye, but alas, he only has $4, and the trick costs $56! His improbable solution is to borrow $19 from a friend, (an audience member). His $23 soon becomes $80, so he can pay back the friend, buy the trick, and get his original $4 back as change. When the friend points out that he should actually now have $5, he counts again, separately and singly, five $1 bills. He got a free trick and came out a buck ahead. Did you follow that? This is brand new, old stock, never been opened. With instructions and Dean's routine. No longer produced and difficult to find in this pristine, brand-new condition.