Gently Used Comedy Card in the Sleeve (Bob Friedman)

Gently Used Comedy Card in the Sleeve (Bob Friedman)
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  • Item #: GU-CCS
  • Manufacturer: USED
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A card is selected from a regular deck (no force or duplicate card) which is signed and returned to the pack. After a good shuffle and some interplay between the magician and the spectator, the cards are shown one-by-one and the selected signed card mysteriously vanished. Now the magic and fun begins … The magician smiles at the perplexed spectator and tells him exactly where his card is located. "It's up his sleeve!" He pulls back his jacket sleeve, and exposes his shirt sleeve which has a dozen cards printed on it! After a little byplay, the magician pulls off the novelty shirt sleeve and asks the spectator if he sees his card among those on the sleeve. Suddenly the magician shakes the sleeve sharply and a card falls out directly from the inside onto the table. The spectator is asked to name his card. The card is turned over and to the amazement of all, it is the original signed card. It's great professional magic. Easy to handle. No palming. No fancy switches. A perfect effect to add to any routine. Complete with instructions.