Gently Used Classic Genii Tube (Louie Gaynor)

Gently Used Classic Genii Tube (Louie Gaynor)
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Price $125.00
Classic Genii Tube (Louie Gaynor) $125 – This beautifully constructed piece from master craftsman Louie Gaynor is a return to a classic—The Genii Tube. Unlike most of Louie’s pieces, which feature natural wood, this is a new line that also combines living color schemes that makes the product both magical and appealing to the audience. This departure from natural wood grain has been enthusiastically approved by even the most conservative of collectors and performers, and thus this product stands out on its own merit.

The Genii Tube is a product that magically makes silks and streamers appears from an empty box. Large (12 x 4.5 inches) folding design, with bright yellow and red colors. This unit features a larger double-load capacity for many large silks and can be easily seen from the stage. Gaynor got rid of the often times bulky and ugly clasps that are used to lock the tube tight and replaced them with embedded magnets which give this a stronger hold, more streamlined, and a pleasing look. Very well made, appears to be brand new. These were made in a very limited, collector’s item quantity. Includes original box and instructions. This is a beauty!