Gently Used Chase The Ace (Ken Brooke)

Gently Used Chase The Ace (Ken Brooke)
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Price $45.00
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Chase The Ace (Ken Brooke) $45 – Three giant-sized cards are freely shown back and front. They are seen to be the Ace, the Two, and the Three of Clubs. The cards are placed, one at a time, face down on a table or chair and although no false moves are made, the spectators are unable to follow the position of the Ace. No matter how many times the cards are shown and placed down, the Ace eludes the spectators. Finally, a spectator is shown the Ace and asked to hold it face down in his own hands, but when he looks at it again, it has changed to one of the other cards.

The fair way in which it is possible to display each giant card and the absence of double cards, pockets or unnatural moves makes this trick a real reputation builder. Like new; appears unused; original illustrated instructions included.