Gently Used Bye George (The Trickery)

Gently Used Bye George (The Trickery)
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  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $30.00
Gently Used Bye George (The Trickery) $30 — Imagine showing a dollar bill on all sides. Your hands are totally clean—they may be dirty, but they are empty! The bill is folded. As you drag the folded bill across your mat, a quarter falls from the bill. You open the bill to freely show everything clean. It's folded once again and another quarter magically falls from the folds of the bill. This time one of the quarters is dropped into the folds of the bill. A magical wave of your hand and the coin has vanished … or has it? It's actually penetrated the mat onto the table. The dollar bill is unfolded and shown on both sides, then folded again. A spectator points to an area on your mat and a third quarter falls from its folds at that spot. Once again, your hands are shown empty and the bill clean. A fourth coin makes its appearance! All four coins are put into a square formation. As the dollar bill is dragged across each quarter, the quarters more quarters instantly appear! In a matter of seconds, your mat is displaying eight coins! If this isn't enough, the bill is unfolded for a final time and shown on both sides. It's folded again and a three-inch jumbo quarter falls from its folds! The jumbo coin finale can also be a silver dollar or a shower of coins. The doubling of the coins requires additional coins and accessories; not included. Excellent condition; DVD is brand new.