Gently Used Brass Cups & Balls (Johnson Products)

Gently Used Brass Cups & Balls (Johnson Products)
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  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $350.00
Sale Price $315.00
Brass Cups & Balls (Johnson Products) $350 – For a long time nothing rivaled the Paul Fox cups in quality and appearance, but that all changed when Johnson Products first revealed a new set of cups. JP has done to the Cups and Balls what they did to gimmicked coins fifty years ago. They have produced a piece of apparatus that will undoubtedly become the industry standard. They could not have made these cups decades ago, but with the computerized machines they now use to make precision parts for the aerospace industry, JP is able to turn a 6 1/2-pound piece of solid brass into the most perfectly balanced, maximum capacity, exquisitely finished cup you have ever seen. And because a computer is doing most of the work, the JP Cups can be offered at a very reasonable price. All the cups are identical and perfect. These are a similar size and weight to the Paul Fox cups. 3 inches tall, 3 inches in diameter. Everyone who has seen the JP Cups agree—they truly are the best cups at the best price. They are heavy brass, packed in a black velvet carrying bag, and include four red hand-crocheted cork balls. Each cup is hallmarked “JP” inside. This is a fantastic set, for the close-up worker, or the collector. Like new, appear to be unused; no instructions.