Gently Used Attack of the Book Worms (Barry Mitchell Products)

Gently Used Attack of the Book Worms (Barry Mitchell Products)
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Price $250.00
Attack of the Book Worms (Barry Mitchell Products) – This is number 17 of only 75 of these effects ever created! Hand-numbered, emboss-stamped, and signed by Barry Mitchell (on the accompanying certificate), this LIMITED EDITION leather-bound “book” comes complete with a Master Lock padlock and key to keep the giant book securely closed. Once it is unlocked and the book opened, a metal shield is the only protection between the surprise NINE spring snakes (the “book worms”) and an unsuspecting audience! A great comedy routine for kids and adults alike. A laminated warning card is also included to try to illustrate the point to not open this book of great laughs. When the magician can’t resist opening this big, magical book, the whole audience is in for a comical treat! This nicely constructed, RARE prop is in excellent like-new condition, appears to be never used, and comes with the aforementioned signed, hand-numbered certificate. No written instructions, but it would not be difficult to custom-design a comedy routine around this excellent spring snake prop for your act. A rare comedy collector’s item.