Gently Used Abbott’s The Great Gizmo Glass

Gently Used Abbott’s The Great Gizmo Glass
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  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $100.00
Abbott’s The Great Gizmo Glass $100 – The performer holds and displays an empty wine glass. It is positively empty. By simply passing his hand over the glass it is seen to become filled with wine, cola, ginger ale, etc; not imitations, the real thing! The liquid seems to materialize out of thin air. The performer raises the glass to his lips and apparently drinks the contents of the glass. He even turns the glass upside down, positively proving that not one drop remains in the glass. A member of the audience now drapes a borrowed handkerchief over the glass. The magician counts to three and then removes the hank. To everyone’s amazement, the glass is filled once again with liquid.

Positively only one glass is used! One hand is formed into a fist and the contents of the glass are poured into this fist. The spectators will swear this is the case, yet when the hand is opened, it is empty, or you can show that the liquid has changed into a silk handkerchief!

No double walled glass and no celluloid inserts are used. What the audience sees is just an ordinary looking crystal-clear wine glass. A puff of smoke is blown in the direction of the wine glass and quicker than an eye wink, the glass is filled with your favorite drink. The drink is real—no chemicals are used. Like new, with instructions.