Gently Used Abbott's Disecto

Gently Used Abbott's Disecto
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  • Item #: guabbdis
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $200.00
Abbott’s Disecto $200 — Demonstrate by cutting a carrot in the top hole and the wrist hole of the Disecto. Your victim—uh, volunteer—now puts their hand through the wrist hole and secured in. Place more carrots in the top and bottom holes. Now, push the Disecto's steel blade through the carrot in the top hole, slicing it in half. Continue pushing the blade through their wrist, and finally through the carrot in the bottom hole. The carrot is cut in half, yet the volunteer removes their hand and it is still attached to their arm! This is a vintage Abbott’s original illusion, in excellent condition, and ready for your magic act. Original instructions included. Don’t accept poor quality knock-offs. Grab this vintage collector’s-quality item quick!