Gently Used Abbott’s Catalogue of Magic #26 (Abbott’s Magic)

Gently Used Abbott’s Catalogue of Magic #26 (Abbott’s Magic)
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Price $25.00
Abbott’s Catalogue of Magic #26 (Abbott’s Magic) $25 — This was the final printed catalog of magic tricks and illusions by Abbott’s back in 2005. Interestingly, this edition included the prices of items at the time. For many years, the catalogs did not include prices, as price lists were printed separately due to prices that changed often. This Abbott’s Catalogue of Magic #26 preserved those prices in print for collectors to reminisce and reflect on the magic days of the not-so-distant past, but certainly a turning point in the history of the Abbott’s Magic Company. There are a few small creases and scuffs on the covers, but the binding is intact and the catalog is in very good condition. Grab this copy quick!