Gently Used Abbott’s Casket of Pandora

Gently Used Abbott’s Casket of Pandora
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  • Item #: guabbcaspan
  • Manufacturer: USED
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Price $180.00
The classic Abbott utility piece of apparatus. Show the tube empty using a magic wand to reach near the bottom (thus proving the tube to be empty). Cap the tube. Make the exchange. Make a large production of pre-loaded silk handkerchiefs, silk streamers, confetti, rice (in combination with the classic Rice Bowls effect), small loose silks (using with the Improved Mutilated Parasol), a “restored” rope (with a Cut & Restored Rope routine), spring flowers, or even a live dove! Use your imagination. Abbott’s Casket of Pandora will produce, vanish, or exchange any object which will fit inside the tube. Use it where you might previously have used a change bag. Use it in conjunction with other changing devices: change bag, crystal silk cylinder, crystal casket, etc. This vintage prop is in very good condition; however, the plastic sparkle laminate is slightly damaged at one end where the cap is slid on (see photo). It does not affect the use of the prop. These are becoming hard to find, and Abbott’s no longer produces this classic prop. Grab this one while you can!