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Abbott’s Talking Skull BOTTLED SPIRITS - A New Dancing Hank & Bottle
Abbott’s Talking SkullBOTTLED SPIRITS - A New Dancing Hank & Bottle
Abbott’s Talking Skull $300 — “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy … ” This mechanical (NOT electronic) skull clicks its jaw shut in response to questions. It can answer yes or no questions,...FIRST TIME ADVERTISED - This is a one man, self-contained dancing handkerchief in a bottle. No assistants, no backdrops or special lighting, no electronics, no invisible thread, nothing attached to the performer. No set-up, ready to perform any time, DEMO!



Change Bag Halloween by Bazar de Magia FORTUNE by Mariano Goni
Change Bag Halloween by Bazar de Magia FORTUNE by Mariano Goni
Greatest Utility Ever! Put an item inside the bag, then turn it inside out - VANISHED! Turn the bag inside out again - APPEARANCE! Use the Change Bag with any object that fits into the bag Producing! Vanishing! Changing! One hand activated. This...The combination of mnemonics and math has produced some of the most baffling card magic ever... Now imagine being able to use that power, to perform routines without having to do memory or math work, no index classifiers, and no marked or gimmick...




Full Light Spirit Seance Ghost Cabinet by G&L
Full Light Spirit SeanceGhost Cabinet by G&L
We supply the best quality apparatus obtainable for this effect. Complete with cloth, gimmick, instructions, bell and tambourine.Cabinet is shown, glass on one side, ball on the other. Door is closed on the cabinet. When the door is opened the ball has traveled to the other side of the cabinet, and is now in the glass. Cabinet can be shown from all sides. Can be performed...



Ghost Key (Haunted Key) by Mr. Magic Hanson Chien Presents Zombie Hand (2021 VERSION)
Ghost Key (Haunted Key) by Mr. Magic Hanson Chien Presents Zombie Hand (2021 VERSION)
As if possessed by the supernatural, this fully examinable Haunted Key will eerily rotate in the palm of your hand. This spooky effect is great for all ages and is a wonderful trick when presented with a ghost story! Self-working.SCARY. CREEPY. SHOCKING. Make a Zombie Hand appears between your hands. Your friends will see a creepy Zombie Hand reaches way out to snatch a coin - then disappears completely! They will be stunned. You can not only produce a Zombie Hand in your...



Haunted Twin Die Box by Zanadu Plate Thru Wrists by Mr. Magic
Haunted Twin Die Box by ZanaduPlate Thru Wrists by Mr. Magic
Below is the demo for the standard twin di, the difference is the design in the Haunted version The Spook- Show Haunted House Die Box. The classic Die Box effect, but with the added features of the Twin Die Box (see demo).A frame and a plate with two holes are shown. The plate is raised and both wrists of a spectator are inserted in the holes provided in the frame. The plate is then...



Screams at Midnight Playing Cards (3D-Glasses INCLUDED) Sefalaljia 2
Screams at Midnight Playing Cards (3D-Glasses INCLUDED)Sefalaljia 2
Halloween fright nights are back! Screams at Midnight playing cards celebrate the creepy, fun monster movies of the past. Devilishly delightful creatures adorn the back design. Just like many of your favorite horror flicks, these cards use 3D...Limited Edition - Stewart James’ legendary miniature one man spirit cabinet. Ropes and rings link, a large nail bends, a ball rolls out of the cabinet as if moved by the spirits, and objects move about and invert in baffling ways! See Demo!



SPIRIT PAINTING Spook Show 2 Trading Cards (Monsterwax)
SPIRIT PAINTINGSpook Show 2 Trading Cards (Monsterwax)
Spirit Painting- A very popular effect from the vaudeville era, but seldom seen in decades. An image slowly and eerily materializes on a blank canvas, and then fades away as mysteriously as it appeared. The image can be of a person thought of by...Spook Show 2 Trading Cards (Monsterwax) $20 — Spook Show 2 are killer cards! Be advised: Persons with heart conditions should avoid this series! They're back from the dead: Spook Show 2! This series is part of our spook show celebration which happens during the Get Together.



The Okito Voodoo Doll, EXTREME! (Top Hat Productions) Zambora The Amazon Girl
The Okito Voodoo Doll, EXTREME! (Top Hat Productions)Zambora The Amazon Girl
The magician shows a realistic-looking voodoo doll, and places it in the spectator's hand to view. It is just a little straw doll. When the magician lays the doll in his own palm, it suddenly comes to life - it rises like a mummy out of a casket...SOLD OUT Step right up and see “Zambora, the Amazon Girl” and a brand new illusionette sized version of the legendary “Girl to Gorilla” carnival sideshow attraction! Any person’s hand is placed inside the cabinet...



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