Fun with the Science of Magic (Royal Magic)

Fun with the Science of Magic (Royal Magic)
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Price $60.00
Fun with the Science of Magic (Royal Magic) $60 — A truly original kit unlike any other. A uniquely curated collection of magic tricks all accomplished by amazing scientific principles. Includes virtual video instructions and a companion booklet with additional fun! MADE IN THE USA.

As you learn each trick, first you'll experience the magic, then you'll discover the scientific principles that make it happen! The magic is easy to learn and the science is fun to explore!

You’ll learn how to …
– Slow down gravity before your very eyes
– Suspend water inside an upside-down open bottle
– Discover a simple machine that levitates boxes
– Explore the possibilities of magnets
– Instantly create ice from a bowl of water
– Balance an eagle on your index finger
– And much more!