Full Light Spirit Seance (Personalized)

Full Light Spirit Seance (Personalized)
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $200.00
A one-man spiritualistic feature that is suitable for parlor, club or stage. Unprepared articles such as a bell, tambourine, slates, etc. are examined and placed on an ordinary table. After showing both sides of a cloth square, the performer holds the cloth with both hands so as to momentarily hide the articles on the table. Immediately the bell is heard to ring, the tambourine plays and rattles, a message appears on the slates, objects fly over the top edge of the cloth and many other spooky manifestations occur. Both sides of the cloth may be shown at any time and the articles may be examined at any time during the seance. Performer's hands, holding the cloth, may be seen at all times.

This baffling spirit seance is easily performed in any fully lighted room and without the aid of assistants.

We supply the best quality apparatus obtainable for this effect. Complete with cloth, gimmick, instructions, bell and tambourine.