Frankenstein Scenes - 2DVD Set

Frankenstein Scenes -  2DVD Set
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  • Item #: 2011-04
  • Manufacturer: Jon Hyers
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Price $60.00
Two DVDs for Video Projection Effects on Windows/Rear Screen and Walls, as well large TVs in some situations. DVD 1 contains different chapters with Frankenstein coming to life, looking out a 4-Pane Glass Window, seeing his reflection in mirror, walking against a stone wall, and Waking Up to escape the lab. DVD 1 also includes The Home Haunters Guide to Video Projection FX DVD (which is also sold separately, or available as a on-line video).

DVD 2 contains scenes of Dr. Frankenstein and Igor working in the lab with a number of sequences, as well as close-ups of lab gear, so the user can use two video projectors to double the Frankenstein Theme of the effect/decor. Users may find that a larger TV would work for putting some of the close-up effects in a window, if a 2nd projector was not available.

webmaster note - I bought one of these last spring and loved it and knew I had to let the Abbott customers know about this, here is My Setup at home. When I first got the DVD and set it up I did not even use a screen, simply draped a wrinkled sheet over the window and it still looked great, here is a link to how it looks with just a sheet.

If you don't have a projector you can pick one up relatively cheap at Ebay. Even the low power Discovery Channel Wonderwall Projectors work well (they sell new for around $80 but I would not use the projector for much else besides this since they are kinda cheap).