Floating Ball

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Abbott Zombie Foulard Instant Download - Further Tips On Zombie
Abbott Zombie FoulardInstant Download - Further Tips On Zombie
Abbott's Zombie Foulard is specially made so that it is completely opaque to light and is the perfect contrast to the bright metal floating Zombie ball. Check out the demonstration by Greg Bordner.The Abbott Magic Company acquired the rights to “Tips on Zombie”. Neil Foster compiled the additional material and the book has been revised and greatly enlarged. If you are interested in performing the famous “Zombie” effect, you must have this book.



The Zombie (India) Abbotts Zombie
The Zombie (India)Abbotts Zombie
The Zombie (India) $30 — This is a one-man method of the floating ball without any strings, stage setting, or advance preparation. Created in 1942 by American magician Joe Karson of Springfield, Massachusetts, this artistic and eye-appealing...Classic Floating Ball Effect




Abbotts Zombie Cloth Abbotts Zombie Flower Finale by Neil Foster
Abbotts Zombie ClothAbbotts Zombie Flower Finale by Neil Foster
Made of a silk acetate material completely opaque.For more than four decades, Neil Foster closed his famous Zombie routine by changing the floating silver sphere into two bouquets of flowers.



1 - 6 of 6 items