FALL 2.0 (Vortex Magic)

FALL 2.0 (Vortex Magic)
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $30.00

FALL 2.0 (Vortex Magic) $30 — When "FALL" was originally released in 2016, it was an instant hit, selling out almost immediately every time it came back in stock. It was, and still is, used by some of the best magicians in the world.

While the ability to send a pen dramatically crashing to the ground with your mind was an incredible effect on its own, creators Philip Ryan and Banachek were always bothered by the fact that the Sharpie could not be used to write.

So, after working tirelessly over the last few years, Vortex Magic is THRILLED to introduce "FALL 2.0."!

Now, before you perform the basic "FALL" effect where a pen falls off a table or glass on your command, you can hand the sharpie to a spectator to write something down. That's right, you can use the "FALL 2.0" sharpie like a regular pen for writing predictions, signing playing cards or anything else. This takes the power and impromptu feeling of "FALL" to insane new heights.

"FALL 2.0" is SUPER EASY TO DO and will have your audiences screaming or running out of the room! This is simple and direct magic at its finest. It's perfect for any close-up magic or street magic performance.

Important Details

The sharpie uses the same method as the original "FALL", but can now WRITE as well
You can control the time of the drop to make it happen in seconds or upwards of 2 minutes
NO magnets or threads
You can be as far away as you want when it falls
Can be performed anytime, anywhere—or even while you're completely surrounded