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Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-Plated Australian Torture Yoke
Abbotts Daring Spring Trap Un-PlatedAustralian Torture Yoke
A truly unique piece of entertainment! Very suspenseful (especially when used as a "Russian Roulette" routine) but harmless as shown in the demo. Save $5 when purchased without the plating for those who would like to paint their trap.Spectators feed the chains through a big wooden yoke shackling the performer at the wrists, legs and neck with the locks and even though he is restrained to the yoke, the magician is still able to escape!

-Solid wood yoke
-20 feet of chain
-3 brass locks



Escapology Volumes 1-3 + Bonus: Houdini Lives (4 DVD Set) Instant Download - Abbott Book of Escapes
Escapology Volumes 1-3 + Bonus: Houdini Lives (4 DVD Set)Instant Download - Abbott Book of Escapes
Escape artists are the prizefighters of the magic world.This work, by Abbott and Kroeger, is the most complete book on the subject ever published.



Mail Bag Escape Gimmick Only My Lady Steps Out
Mail Bag Escape Gimmick OnlyMy Lady Steps Out
If you can't afford the full Abbott Mail Bag escape now you can purchase the gimmick and use your own bag. Precision manufacturing by Abbotts metal dept, you will love this. Check out the video for more info.The frame which breaks down, is finished in blue and white lacquer. Each panel is four inches by sixteen inches. An affordable small illusion - packs small and plays big!



Slick Post Plans - Electronic Download Zip Tie Escape
Slick Post Plans - Electronic DownloadZip Tie Escape
This is a snappy and sure-fire effect. The post is mechanically perfect and is finished in lacquer.The Poor Boy Zip Tie Escape includes two JUMBO 36-inch wrist shackle zip ties, two FINGER ZIPPER zip ties for the optional fingercuff portion of the trick, and full instructions.



Abbotts Ghost Walks Abbotts Mail Bag Escape
Abbotts Ghost WalksAbbotts Mail Bag Escape
Breaks down for packing - can be set-up in minutes.While supplies last - A screen is placed around or in front of the performer and, in record time, he makes his excape! Check out the demonstration by BJ Mallen



Abbotts Slick Post Abbotts Slick Tie
Abbotts Slick PostAbbotts Slick Tie
Comes complete, including the ropes.Complete with rope, glasses, gimmick and instructions.



Abbotts Spirit Sack Abbotts Stocks of Zanzibar
Abbotts Spirit SackAbbotts Stocks of Zanzibar
Complete with sack, rope and instructions. You must furnish your own screen.1 left While supplies last - Here is a fast and sensational illusion! Can be performed as either a transposition (Magician and Assistant) or as a straight-forward escape feature. This outfit is tastefully decorated and breaks down for packing. Check out Demo!



Abbotts Strait Jacket Australian Bar
Abbotts Strait JacketAustralian Bar
This is a professional-looking restraint device, specially designed for both the escape artist and the magician who wants to add one feature escape to his regular program. Check out the reviews by Bill Cook and Jeff McBride and a demo by BJ Mallen!This is a new and different ... and very versatile escape device.



Book of Escapes Chain Hand Cuffs/free book of escapes with purchase
Book of EscapesChain Hand Cuffs/free book of escapes with purchase
Its profusely illustrated pages form a complete compendium of the best in escapes. It fully describes how to build box, bag and chain effects.Takes only a few minutes to master. It is always ready. Requires no assistants and no preparation.



Chain Release Houdini Ankle Iron Escape
Chain ReleaseHoudini Ankle Iron Escape
Only one length of chain is used for this release and every link in that chain is solid.A set of specially gimmicked stainless steel ankle irons for the escape artist.



Rod Tie Sack Escape - Europe
Rod TieSack Escape - Europe
Here is a form of restraint that seems impossible to overcome.MADE FROM THICK BLACK RAYON MATERIAL TO LAST!



Siberian Chain Escape Thumb Tie
Siberian Chain EscapeThumb Tie
Everything that is used may be freely examined. No skill is required and it can be performed anywhere. Spectator locks magician in and he easily escapes, see BJ Mallens Demo to see how a seven dollar effect can bring a big round of applause!This routine is easy to do but will require rehearsal to polish the presentation.



Tony Clarks In & Out Rope Escape
Tony Clarks In & Out Rope Escape
Includes instructional DVD and rope.


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