Download Abbott Magic Collection 13: Rope Magic & Routines

Download Abbott Magic Collection 13: Rope Magic & Routines
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Volume 13 Download is in a searchable pdf format with interactive TOC to each effect and a quick return to TOC link on every page.

Rope Magic and Routines including 20 Rope Tricks With Knots, Over 35 Rope Penetrations, Over 25 Tricks With Cords, Over 50 Cut and Restored Ropes. Includes Best Sellers Like Neff’s Rope Miracle, Professor Cheer’s Comedy Rope, Abbott’s Keyo & Wrist Tie, Grants Amazing Rope Trick, Sterling’s Short/Long Mystery, Cut & Restored Light Cord, The Professor’s Nightmare.

Complete List of Effects: G. W. Hunter's Puzzle Knot, The One Hand Knot, The Flip Knot, The Lightning Knot, Two At a Time, Guarding the Line, The Knot of Enchantment, Any Number of Knots, Adolph Ferber's Spectre Tie, The Vanishing Square Knot, Ralph Hull's Famous Vanishing Knot, The Captive Knot, Chefalo's Vanishing Knot, The Magic Shoe Laces, John Braun Combination Knot, Wholesale Knot Removal, Gone Again, C. T. Jordan's Mystifying Knot Trick, Repeat Knots, Ropes Through the Neck, Venable's Improved Ropes Through Neck, The Ropes and Rings Mystery, S. Collins' New Ropes and Rings Release, Relue's Ropes and Cups, The 3-in-l Ropes, Oriental or Simplicity Rope Release, Walking Through Ropes, Adolph Ferber's Mimi-Cords, The Leg Tie, Nevil Maskelyne's Leg Tie, Tenkai Rope Trick Through Neck, Loop the Loop, New Rope Through Neck, Endless Neck Rope, The Handkerchief Release, Jay-Bee's Undisturbed Knot, The Vest-Turning Trick, Ring On the Rope, Ring Knotted On the Rope, Puzzling Ring On the Rope, New Ring On Rope, Slater's Ring On the Rope, Borrowed Ring On Rope, "Cheeky" Rope and Ring Trick, Edward Smith's Rope and Ring Trick, The Dropping Ring, Wholesale Ring Removal, Charles Leedy's Rope Ringo, Eddie Joseph's Ringed, Graham Adams' Rope and Ring, Jordan's Psychic Ring Release, The Rope Through the Stick, Grant's Witch's Broom, Cutting a Woman in Half, Eddy Joseph Hindu Ring Mystery, Martin’s Nifty Third, The Famous Kellar String Trick, Karl Germaine's String Restoration, "Figure 8" String Restoration, Simple String Restoration, Twyno, Impromptu String Restoration, Eddie Joseph's Restored String, Ovette's Supreme String Mystery, Louis Christianer's Pet String Trick, The Master Cut and Restored String, S. B. Blodgett's Double Restoration, L. W. Package Cord Mystery, Le Roy's Hindu Yarn Mystery, Ellis Stanyon's String Restoration, T. Page Wright's Variation, Rupert Slater's Variation, Baffling String Restoration, Wisenheimer String Restoration, Joseph Kolar's Straw and String Trick, Nelson Hahne's Version, George Wright's Version, Floyd Thayer's Wizzo, L. W. Restoring the String, Cut And Restored Telephone Cord, Cut And Restored Light Cord, "Figure 8" Rope Restoration, The "Hindu" Rope Restoration, Bluey-Bluey's Method, Eric Impey's Impromptu Method, Dr. Ervin's Rope Restoration, H. Sterling's Short - Long Rope Mystery, R. W. Hull's Stretching Rope, S. H. Sharpe's A Rope Repaired, John Goodrum's Sleight of Hand Method, Fernand Verheyden's Method, Tarbell's "Many-Cut" Rope Mystery, Wright-Larsen Zenith Rope Restoration, Graham Adams' Cut and Restored Rope, U. F. Grant's 1933 Rope Trick, Carl Brema's Knotted Rope, Grant's Sleight-of-Hand Rope Trick, Heisey's Hindu Rope Trick, No Knot Cut Rope, L. W. Tug O' War, L. W. Simplicity Rope Restoration, L. W. Gloved Deception, L. W. Vinculum, L. W. Restoring the Rope, Bert Douglas' Magic Skipping Rope, Ringing the Bull, R. M. Jamison's Severed Ropes, Baffleso!, Grant's Stage Rope Restoration, Scotty Lang's Sucker Rope Trick, The L. W. Lost Chord, Will Brema's Convincing Rope Trick, Winston Freer's Aladdin Oriental Gimmick, K. W. Liddle's Phenomenal Rope, L. W. Chased, L- W. Marking the Center, Hull's Marked Rope and the Thumb Tack, U. F. Grant's Super Rope Trick, Waldo Clarke's Little Rhody Rope Trick, The Tarbell Rope Mystery, Bjorklund's Slow-Motion Restoration, Marvel Cut and Restored Rope, Neffs Miracle Rope, "Maxam" Triple-Cut Rope Trick, "Cut Yourself a Piece of Rope", Grants Amazing Rope Trick, The Professors Nightmare, Seymour Davis' "Sinbad's Rope". H. Berson's Miracle Rope Growth, The Hypnotized Rope, Professor Cheer Comedy Rope Trick, Winston Freer's Alagen Rope, Freer's Master Muscle, Freer's "Tug-of-War" Rope, Grant - Maillow "Ropes of Bengal", Abbott’s Keyo Illusion, Abbott’s Wrist Tie, Dunninger's East Indian Rope Trick, Sefalaljia

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
142 pages