Download Abbott Magic Collection 12: Coin Magic & Routines

Download Abbott Magic Collection 12: Coin Magic & Routines
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Volume 12 Download is in a searchable pdf format with interactive TOC to each effect and a quick return to TOC link on every page.

A Collection of coin tricks, manipulations, and props that cover over 80 years of Abbott Magic including Simple Effects With Coins (50 quick tricks), Vanishing a Coin (30 different ways), A Dozen Coin Changes, 35 Coin Moves and Passes, and even 9 Coin Tricks With Matches!

Plus (and here is the meat of the book) over 50 Coin Tricks including The Scotch Coin, In the Office, In a Hotel Lobby, At a Convention, Date Detection, Dating the Coin, The Date Mystery, The Masked Helper, The Missing Date, Mental Delineation, The Wacker, The Monocle Mystery, The Repeat Coin Trick, The Sleeve Bogey, Shoulder Arms, The Big Bite, The Double Bite, Unfair Exchange, The Twister, The Saint and the Sinner, The Coin Toss (Six Methods), Matching the Coin, Perfect Timing, The Money Changer, The Street of Colon is Paved with Gold, The Colorful Transformation, Sensitive Fingers , Hold On, Brother, The Magnetic Coin, The Eccentric Coin, The Vicious Triangle, The Coins Assembly (Coin Matrix) , Right First Time, How the Devil Does He Do It, Curing a Bad Habit, Good Shootin’, My Hat, Money Sense, The Stolen Money, The Coin in the Cookie , Par Avion, The Purse Swindle, The Coin and the Orange, Coin Transposition Routine, McGill’s Clever Coin Vanish, McCaffrey Coin In Bottle Routine, A Shell Coin Routine, Another Shell Coin Routine, A New Click Pass, The Coins Up the Sleeve, Passing Four Coins to a Glass, A Further Variation of the Passing of the Four Coins , Eddie Joseph's Phantom Coin, The Coin In The Ball Of Rope.

Plus a special section on coin prop magic including Abbott’s Automatic Coin Wand, Chanin Utility Coin Vanish, Coins In Glass (Visible) Hughes, Latest Coin Pail, Latest Coin Pail (Foster/Chavez Style), Nickel To English Penny, Soft Metal - Nickel Through Penny , Scotch and Soda Outdone, Pencil Through Nickel, Visible Misers Dream, The Wisenheimer Coin Trick, Quick As A Wink, Crystal Coin Ladder.

8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
140 pages

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