Dove Thru Glass

Dove Thru Glass
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  • Item #: ABBdovethruglass
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Price $450.00

The magician shows a sheet of clear plexiglass plastic which is encased in a decorative wooden frame--all of which is mounted upon an attractive wooden base. The spectators may touch and tap the plastic, proving it solid. There is a hinged star-trap flap at the center of each side of the sheet of plastic. With the flaps in position, a live dove is passed through the solid sheet! The live bird-actually-physically-penetrates right through the solid sheet of plastic! (Any small animal or object may be used). The flaps are flipped down immediately and the sheet again tapped and touched and proved to be solid. The entire sheet and frame are in full view throughout the performance. This may be performed completely surrounded with no fear of detection. Overall height is twenty inches, approximately fifteen inches wide with a beautiful lacquer finish. A mechanical mystery, elegant in appearance, super in effect. An Abbott quality product.