Dorny's Comedy Blackouts

Dorny's Comedy Blackouts
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The only book of its kind ever published! A great collection of comedy "blackouts" for use by magicians and others who wish to add variety and spice to their programs and shows. A "blackout" is a quick bit of stage business, usually verbal, that ends with a snappy punch line (on which, theoretically, the lights could go out).

Those in this collection have been tested many times during Dorny's long career and they guarantee laughter. They are very valuable for use between acts on shows of any kind and to give comedy, bulk and novelty to a program. They can provide the necessary time for the next act when such time is needed. Many can be utilized by young people, all are suitable for adults. Experienced actors are not needed to perform them. Over one hundred "blackouts" are included in this 64 page printed book. It is complete with a "Cue Index" to quickly enable you to find the type of material you want. Written by Werner Dorny Dornfield.