Divided Lady - Abbotts Workshop Plans

Divided Lady - Abbotts Workshop Plans
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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One of the most unusual and baffling illusions that has come along in many a day. An upright cabinet that is large enough for a girl to stand inside, is on display. It is neither wide enough nor deep enough for the girl to fold up in one half. With the girl inside, the doors are closed and two large and solid blades are shown and then pushed through the center section of the cabinet. The performer bends the top half of the box over until it rests next to the bottom half. The box divides at the halfway point, on either side of the metal blades. The halved box, still side by side, is spun around to show all sides. Not satisfied with this display, the performer pulls the pins from the hinges which hold the two box halves together. This separates the halves and each half is spun to opposite sides of the stage. This effect is so baffling because there appears to be no feasible explanation as to how such a strange phenomenon is possible.