Day at the Circus

Day at the Circus
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  • Manufacturer: MAK
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Price $72.00
This wonderful routine will be the hit of your children's show. Whether you are a magician or clown you will want to tell the story of the "VANISHING ELEPHANT". You receive four seven by ten inch laminated, full color gimmicked cards. Pictured are a clown, Ringmaster, dancing horse and of course the VANISHING ELEPHANT. You also receive a circus tent where the elephant vanishes.

A delightful story is told where the Elephant vanishes and the clown takes his place. The Ringmaster, dancing horse, and elephant are placed into the circus tent. After a little more story, the Ringmaster and dancing horse are reproduced and in place of the elephant is a card which reads GONE. After the audience screams for you to turn the card around, you comply and show a picture of the MAGIC CLOWN.

The elephant has really vanished.