Cupcake (Bacon Magic)

Cupcake (Bacon Magic)
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Cupcake (Milo Chen / Bacon Magic) $36 — Designed by Milo and produced by Bacon Magic, Cupcake is a versatile magnetic cup that can perform with both balls and coins at the same time. It's a clever combination of Chop Cup and Slot Okito Box. It can be used to perform both the traditional single cup and ball routine and a large number of coin magic routines with the regular half-dollar coin. In addition to playing cards, coin magic, and cup-and-ball magic, are also the main types of close-up magic, and they can be found in most close-up magic shows. They also have their own characteristics: the coin magic is mysterious, the cup-and-ball magic is dazzling, let them marvel. So, is there an organic combination of these two types of magic? Cupcake may have solved that problem.

You can use Cupcake to perform any of your favorite coin tricks. The coins disappear, appear, and move from hand to the cup … and all of a sudden, the coin that was supposed to go through the cup becomes a ball, and you can start your single cup-and-ball routine. You can seamlessly and slickly switch between the cup-and-ball magic and the coin magic, allowing the audience to have more novel experiences.

The cake cup is small in size and easy to carry, which can add a lot of routines to your professional close-up performance, and can skillfully connect the two different types of routines, so that your whole program is more smooth and natural. Small size, portable and easy to use; suitable for a variety of coin routines and single cup-and-ball routines; it can skillfully connect two types of routines.

The product includes 1 plastic cup, 1 magnetic ball, and 2 ordinary balls, as well as online video explanation. NOTICE: You need to supply your own half dollar coin.