Counts - Cuts - Moves and Subtleties

Counts - Cuts - Moves and Subtleties
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  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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Ever read a trick in a book or magazine that called for a Veeser Count or an Ascanio Spread or the Olram Subtlety? Hadn't you wished that all these concepts were together in one handy printed booklet? Well, now they are! In this seventy-three page softbound booklet, Jerry Mentzer has gathered the most frequently used and the most useful Counts - Cuts - Moves and Subtleties - all illustrated with nearly eighty photographs! Here you will find: The Double Undercut, The Braue Reversal, The Biddle Reversal, The Biddle Move, The Hamman Count, The Veeser Count, The Flushtration Move, The Haback Count, The Jordan Count, The Siva Count, The Buckle Count, The Back Spread and the Anscanio Spread - and much, much more! An invaluable reference work for the card worker. Recommended!