Color Changing Socks

Color Changing Socks
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  • Item #: ABBccsocks
  • Manufacturer: Traditional Abbott Suppliers
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The dashing, debonair and oh-so-smartly-dressed magical entertainer suddenly leaps up onto the table (as if in some half-dazed psychotic fit) and proclaims that he will perform the fantastic color-changing sock trick ... an exhibition of one of the greatest 'feets' of magic ever seen!

Pulling up his trousers legs, the right foot is shown to be wearing a red-striped sock while the left foot is shown to be wearing a blue-striped sock. Calming down, somewhat, and in an effort to regain his composure and some semblance of sanity, the magician explains that it is actually a much easier trick than it sounds ... as the socks don’t actually change color - they just jump from foot to foot to give the 'illusion' of changing color.

So saying, with a snap of his fingers and a bolt of lightning as a sign from above, the right trouser leg is lifted to show the blue sock! However, when the left trouser leg is lifted it is seen that the red sock has missed the foot completely, leaving it bare. The red sock is found, instead, in the left coat pocket!

Note: This effect is perfect for those who can present off-beat, wacky and bizarre comedy. You do not necessarily have to stand on the table to perform this effect. In the hands (feet?) of its originator - Steve Biller - it was the concluding effect at an S.A.M. convention close-up contest where he won first prize and at an Abbott Magic Get-together where he won large quantities of applause and laughter. Complete (except for that lightning bolt) with the necessary socks and instructions.