Clown Act Omnibus

Clown Act Omnibus
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A whole book full of always ready, on the spot, laugh- provoking clown acts and stunts for your club, school, camp or church get-togethers. Just the type of thing to keep everyone young in spirit. Here is all you need to know to put on an entertaining show - everything from how to plan it to how to do it.

From his own successful clown performances in the U. S. and in Canada, Wes McVicar gives complete and detailed instructions for 269 original and traditional clown acts and stunts ... each selected for its enthusiastic reception by audiences of all ages. Here is a veritable gold mine of ideas. There are 20 detailed acts of Walk-ons and Walk-arounds. There are 28 clown acts with simple equipment. There are 74 clown acts with special equipment. There are 53 clown acts with constructed equipment. There are 64 suggestions for clown acts using and requiring gymnastic equipment. There are 30 clown acts for use with aquatic shows.

Plan, develop and execute sure-fire clown acts and stunts. Stage programs for an indoor circus and gym show. Act the role of the M.C. and/or ringmaster. Create themes for amateur shows, special programs, exhibits, contests, water shows, festivals and pageants. Win and hold audiences through the art of pantomime. Learn to apply makeup. Learn how to select props and costumes. Master the professional techniques of falls, blows, surprise, knavery, mimicry and dunce-headedness. Written by Wes McVicar.